It's not all about what we eat.
The principles for living a healthy life don’t just centre around what we consume. Here, we take a look at Sepel's tips to living a healthy life.
How she came to loving her body.
ANH chats with the best-selling author, mum of three and flimmaker about her transition from a body loather to a body lover, and the making of her new film, Embrace.
How he maintains health and wellbeing.
Maddie Lakos talks to award-winning Australian artist Xavier Rudd about music, spirituality and feeling the earth beneath your feet.
Don't misjudge your body's signals.
Sip your way to health and happiness – it’s easier than you think, writes NADIA FELSCH.
Lyndi Cohen aka The Nude Nutritionist go-to ingredients.
Her no-nonsense approach to nutrition has positioned her as a go-to expert on health and wellbeing. Here, she shares five pantry essentials she can't live without.
Read about how she discovered self-love.
Yoga taught Cheah how to look inwards, as loving herself from the inside out. In a short snippet of her cover story feature, she shares how yoga changed her life.
Train your mind to be consistently present.
Training your mind to being consistently in the present moment and ‘letting go of all the shit’ can take some time, so Wanderlust yoga teacher and studio owner Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden shares her best insights to embracing your spiritual self this year.
Discover how she found her way to wellness.
Former TV advertising producer Lauren Pell swapped the screen for the stage after she launched her luxe wellness event business, Colour & Coconuts. These days, Pell is passionate about connecting likeminded individuals with the ultimate goal of helping them lead healthier, happier lives.
The wellness events not to be missed!
The Art Series Hotel Group has teamed up with Australian Natural Health expert, Jessica Sepel to bring you a series of wellness events around the country.
A day at the spa is just what the doctor ordered.
If an interstate retreat is off the cards, a trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs is all you need and with the launch of the Wellness Calendar, there’s even more reason to venture off and reconnect with nature. Online editor, Christine Assirvaden, did the groundwork and discovered a day at the spa should be considered part of a regular, healthy routine.
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