The Wellness Leaders: Lauren Pell of Colour & Coconuts

Discover how she found her way to wellness.

Former TV advertising producer Lauren Pell swapped the screen for the stage after she launched her luxe wellness event business, Colour & Coconuts. These days, Pell is passionate about connecting likeminded individuals with the ultimate goal of helping them lead healthier, happier lives.

What were you doing before you launched Colour & Coconuts? What inspired you to launch your own business?
Before taking the leap into The Wellness Festival, I was a TV and content producer. The role was rewarding but also incredible challenging; you’re always on call, which means you can never switch off. I was working around the clock and not looking after my health – until a friend dragged me along to a health seminar. After hearing from some incredibly inspiring speakers, a spark was ignited and I became fascinated with all aspects of wellness. I immersed myself in reading, cooking healthy recipes and exercising in new and exciting ways. As my passion grew, I started exploring fun ways to integrate wellness into my work life – coordinating group PT sessions at the office, organising healthy catering for meetings and introducing almond milk to the work barista. To my surprise, my co-workers loved it!

When and why did you launch The Wellness Festival? Did you perceive a gap in the market?
Once my passion for wellness had sparked, I knew I had to turn it into a career! While I had been going to my fair share of ‘health seminars’, they always felt like I was back at school. I wanted to create an event that celebrated wellness like no one had before: with a live DJ, fresh coconuts, delicious food and coffee, incredible speakers and a venue styled to perfection. So I created something I wish had existed!

You brought together some seriously inspiring, health-loving experts, speakers and entrepreneurs. Tell us about the selection and collaboration process…
There is no shortage of talent in the wellness space, and we were lucky enough to hand-pick some of the best for The Wellness Festival launch. All of our collaborators align with our ethos, which is helping to spread the wellness word. We offer a cross section of speakers from self-love gurus like Melissa Ambrosini to entrepreneurs like Lisa Messenger, so our attendees can absorb as much knowledge and inspiration as possible.

All of these inspiring women talk openly about wellness. Is there a common message or theme that they speak about?
That health is all encompassing of mind, body and spirit, and we just have to find the balance.

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing consumer interest in health and wellness. What do you believe is driving the wellness movement?
Once you begin to invest in yourself and your health, amazing things happen and it ripples into all other aspects of life. When you feel good, you want to shout it to the world and word of mouth is such a powerful tool. The online health community is incredible and social media has helped spread this message further.

What is your personal or business mantra?
Create something you wish existed and always be kind.

What do you believe is the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit?
Eating to nourish your body, moving your body from a place of love, and being grateful every day.


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