High vibes only.
In order to evolve our consciousness and enhance our spiritual wellness, we must first turn our attention towards the energy we emit on a daily basis. KRISTINA IOANNOU and DANAE DIMITROPOULOU investigate how shifting our frequency through our thoughts, emotions and practices can raise our vibration.
How to find meaning.
As we make gratitude into a regular practice, we are more likely to notice all the good that is around us and adopt a more optimistic approach to life. Here are four ways to include gratitude in your life.
Our exclusive Q&A.
When Magdalena Roze, an award-winning meteorologist, was presented with the option of trading up the big smoke for the slow pace of Byron Bay, she grasped the opportunity with both hands. Roze chats to ANH about deepening her connection with food, prioritising wellness and her first book, Happy & Whole.
Happiness and the gut.
The research trail into how our gut influences our mood deepens with some promising links to staying calm and being happy. In the future, psychobiotics could be used to complement treatment for depression and anxiety. SARAH NANCLARES investigates.
An insight into her holistic approach.
For Elle, healthy eating is about nourishing your body and focusing on what makes her feel good. Here, she shares what a day on her plate looks like.
The fuss-free way.
Dry skin? Lacklustre hair? While well-intentioned serums and creams can provide instant relief, they're not a long-term fix. Luckily, there's a fuss-free way to restore your skin and hair's hydration, naturally.
Skin deep.
There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous, natural glow that comes from within. Alexandra McManus investigates the secrets for seriously radiant skin.
How to help your body perform at its best.
We caught up with chef and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin to chat about food as medicine and the benefits of eating more medicinal foods.
Digestion is key.
In our modern-day world, it’s all too common to hear people talking about a lack of energy. JESSICA SEPEL analyses the role of digestion in our energy, and outlines some holistic ways to get your body back on track.
How to reduce your risk of hearing loss.
One in six Australians have hearing loss. This can range from small discrete losses in certain pitches to full deafness. There are many lifestyle factors that can put you at risk of hearing loss. Thankfully, there are also a number of changes you can make to reduce this risk.
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