Examine your thoughts and find meaning
Research shows that by incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines, we're able to find more value in our lives. Here, psychologist Alison Christie shares four mindful exercises.
Exploring her commitment to health and wellbeing.
A passion for food, health and wellness is what inspired TALINE GABRIELIAN to launch her website and successful recipe app, Hippie Lane. Seven years on, she’s still committed to spreading her love for nourishing wholefoods. She chats to DANAE DIMITROPOULOU about healing through food and why she’d describe herself as a flexitarian.
An exclusive Q&A with our cover star!
We caught up with our cover star to talk about all things health, wellness and finding balance.
Discover how she limited fears and overcame self-doubt.
You may know Melissa Ambrosini as the best-selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and a pioneer for self-love and acceptance. Now, Ambrosini is teaching women how to push through limiting beliefs and overcome self-doubt in order to live a more conscious, present life.
Her no-nonsense approach to nutrition.
We chat to Lyndi Cohen aka The Nude Nutritionist about her daily eats.
Easy ways to incorporate the practices into your routines.
Ashish Pandya shares easy ways to adopt a holistic perception of beauty.
Living with intention with Sophie Jaffe
Sophie Jaffe is a yoga teacher, raw food chef and founder of Philosophie, an online destination that inspires people to lead more healthy, radiant lives.
The intricacies of the job - on and off the mat
While embarking on a career as a yoga teacher is a yearning that lies in the heart of many yogis, mastering the practice is just the first step. EMMA PALMER reveals why it’s imperative to understand the intricacies of the job – both on and off the mat.
Discover her journey to wellness.
After attending her first yoga class, Ashley Galvin immediately knew that she had found her calling. Seven years on, she’s travelling the world and spreading the word about the yogi lifestyle. We chatted with the Californian-based beauty about balance, honouring yourself and living with an open heart.
The game-changing mindfulness movement transforming lives around the world.
In a world where we can be constantly overcommitted, overstimulated and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to take the time to look after ourselves, let alone putting the needs of others first.
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