Healthy breakfast bowl ideas from Nature’s Path


Healthy breakfast bowl ideas from Nature’s Path

Why are breakfast bowls an important way to start your day? Breakfast is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle preached by nutritionists and dietitians all over the world. After an overnight fast, the body and the brain crave fuel to kick back into gear, and what you opt to consume each morning sets the tone for the day ahead. Western society has long moved on from the toasted white bread days of the 1960s and ’70s, and the continental breakfasts that followed, though filling, pack little nutritious value.

Our understanding of what our bodies need to operate at their optimum levels has evolved rapidly, and with that we have gradually incorporated more nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich granolas, oatmeal, mueslis or flakes for breakfast depending on the season.

Breakfast bowls are one of the latest craze on social media. They are visually appealing, tantalise your taste buds, and quick to prepare. It is important that they contain a variety of healthy and certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Choose a type of ancient grains, sprouted flakes or wholegrain ingredients for the base. For the garniture, add some superfood, activated nuts, milk of your choice, fresh or frozen fruits, et voilà, you have the perfect organic nutritious breakfast to inspire all your mornings.


Nature’s Path is one such company that is embracing up-to-the-minute nutritional advancements, with their range of certified organic cereals that feature Australia’s latest off-the-shelf superfood, hemp. Hemp Hearts delivers five grams of fibre per serving, crucial for your digestive system, and six grams of protein, which has been highlighted by the CSIRO as recently as last year as a key nutritional component to regulating dietary intake. The coconut chia and pumpkin flax seed granolas are also perfect to add some healthy fats in your diet that will keep you satisfied longer.


Nature’s Path also offer: Qi’a Superfood Cocoa Coconut Sprouted Superflakes, packed with 35 grams of whole grains; Mesa Sunrise Flakes, a wheat-free option packed with corn, quinoa, flax and amaranth; Love Crunch, a premium organic granola that has dark chocolate and red berries suited for the sweet tooth; and Chocolate Koala Crisp Organic, which is the perfect way to sneak nutrition into your children’s breakfast bowl. Making sure your child has eaten a substantial breakfast before school is of the utmost importance, as hungry children tend to lose focus in class, and are not as cognitively aware as those that begin their day with a satisfied stomach.


Nature’s Path has come a long way in its three-generational existence, and has a track record for developing the recipes and breakfast variety that are high on health but don’t skimp on flavour. The difference between a morning person and a non-morning person is often little more than a good breakfast. So, rethink your morning routine and get motivated to get out of bed with a beautiful colourful breakfast bowl from Nature’s Path.


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