Five strategies to help you snack smarter and curve cravings


Five strategies to help you snack smarter and curve cravings

How to snack smarter

From veggie crisps to dark chocolate and sweet treats, GoodnessMe shop stocks a range of healthy snacks that will change the way you snack forever. With these five tips to smarter snacking, you can take the guesswork out of eating healthy and satisfy your tastebuds, whether sweet, salty or savoury.

Make sure to prepare

Part of the reason why we choose unhealthy snacks is the convenience. You are more likely to reach for a bag of chips than a cucumber or peppers because of the effort it would take to prepare the snack. So, to help you stay one step ahead, include your snack prep in your weekly prep, and if you don’t meal prep, consider having convenient, healthy snacks that can meet your cravings. Convenient, healthy snacks that don’t require preparation can include protein bars, roasted seaweed, organic chocolate clusters and a to-go container of washed berries.

Stock up on nuts

Unsalted nuts and seeds make a great healthy snack that’s filling and convenient. Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews and other nuts contain many beneficial nutrients that are likely to keep you feeling full longer, so you don’t feel the need to graze all day. A handful of nuts is a great healthy choice in between meals instead of munching mindlessly on them while you work or watch TV.

The combo snack

When snacking, consider choosing combo snacks that include protein, wholegrain carbohydrates and fat. A great example could be rice cakes (carbohydrate) with hummus (protein) and avocado (fat). It’s quick and easy to make and leaves you feeling full and satisfied without compromising health. Carbohydrates provide both your body and your brain with energy, while protein-rich foods take longer to break down, leaving you feeling full longer. Be sure to look out for rice cakes made with wholegrains like brown rice or buckwheat rather than white refined rice.

Take it with you

When we’re on the go, it can be easy to compromise the hard work we put in at the gym or in the kitchen. So to make sure you stay on track, take your healthy snacks on the go and have backups in your car or purse. You’ll also save money and get a bigger bang for your buck when you prepare snacks ahead of time. Great options for on-the-go snacks include nuts, cut up veggies and fruit, sweet and savoury medley like a nut and dark chocolate mix or healthy fat and protein combos like crackers and hummus.

Snack mindfully

Instead of mindlessly snacking in front of the TV or while working, try snacking mindfully. By giving it attention, you are more likely to make better snacking choices and portion control. A snack while watching a movie is one of life’s small pleasures, so make sure to prepare something healthy and go for a single-serve of popcorn, veggie crisps or frozen grapes which are tasty, fun to eat and convenient.

For a complete range of healthy snacks that are perfect for your busy lifestyle or while watching Netflix, stock up your pantry with GoodnessMe. Together, with a team of nutritionists, they sift through thousands of the latest health food products on Australian shelves and put them through their super-strict ethically wholesome and GMO-free test. They promise to only stock the highest quality natural foods and healthy snacks that meet all of your dietary requirements delivered straight to your door.


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