How to give back to the community
It’s no secret that doing something nice for someone else makes you feel better about yourself
New Year's resolutions!
Karma. It’s more than likely a word you’re familiar with. Everyone from John Lennon to Boy George has sung songs about it, and you’ve probably used the line, ‘what goes around comes around’ to define a situation many times.
Follow our checklist to maintain good karma.
Learning to put positive karma into action may be the key that unlocks a healthier, wealthier, wiser you.
Give your life a makeover
Spring has sprung so it's time to get your life in order! Follow our top 7 tips to starting afresh
Looking for a new fitness regime? Qigong may be the solution.
The benefits of qigong make this ancient Chinese practice a worthwhile pursuit.
It may seem like a funny concept, but the health benefits are seriously good for you.
Increase your energy, boost your immune system, and relieve depression with laughter yoga
Could you resist the urge to talk in a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat?
Is true happiness to be found in a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat? Jade de Souza finds out
How to achieve personal happiness at work
Started a new job only to discover it's a mindfield of gossip and negativity? Is your workload causing your social life to shrivel up? Whatever your issue, Dr Mary Casey shows us how to find happiness in the workplace
Linda Smith shows you how to let go and recharge, leaving you refreshed and ready for Monday.
After a stressful week at work it can be hard to switch off when the weekend rolls around. Here are 18 instant stress busters to help you unwind.
Mastering the mind is the true aim of yoga, despite what you may have gleaned from some of the modern world’s focus on bulletproof bodies and legs that can stretch behind one’s head.
Once upon a time, many centuries ago, there lived a man named Patanjali – a man who is considered the godfather of yoga. Many stories about him have taken on mythical and magical qualities to the point where he could almost be considered a deity. One story says he fell from heaven in the form of a snake into the upturned palms of his powerful yogini and goddess mother. But despite his legendary, saint-like status, we don’t really know much about this incredible historical figure.
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