Experts believe colour can boost happiness and reduce stress
Ever felt uplifted seeing a colourful rainbow brighten up an otherwise grey sky, or watching a spectacular orange sunset?
Alex Mellas finds a way to ease the tension, with this quick and convenient walking meditation.
Life can be chaotic and the constant hustle-and-bustle can weigh you down, piling stress and anxiety on your shoulders.
Do you think of sleep as system-shut down? Well dream on, because a trip to snooze-town isn’t entirely lights-out. Diana Timmins reveals the nocturnal neural activities that create the stuff that dreams really are made of.
Want to hear about the dream I had last night? Or have you tuned out already? Listening to someone relay their dreams may seem quite mundane, but it might be worth a listen as dreams contain more insight into the dreamer than you may have thought. But be warned, set your dream dictionary aside, as there is certainly no one-size-fits-all in the land of nod!
US-based author Marianne Williamson says there are some spiritual lessons to learn before the weight comes off. Amber Wilson chats to Marianne to discover more.
If you think the reason you can’t shift weight is because of the delectable taste of Twisties, or the unappealing thought of spending an hour on the treadmill, think again.
Breathwork uses the breath (full, conscious, connected breathing) to clear unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and past events in our lives that are standing in the way of us reaching our full potential.
Liz Nowosad explores this powerful process that is said to alleviate emotional pain and help us to gain insight into why we behave and react in certain ways.
Want to know how to have a spiritual experience? Try pushing your body beyond its limitations.
Think about it, people who scale mountains, sky-dive, run marathons or endure near-death experiences often claim they felt closer to the heavens, were awe-inspired by the beauty of the universe, or felt the presence of God.
Have you ever felt like someone or something was looking out for you? According to many spiritual traditions, all of us have one or more spiritual guides who live in the astral world and who help us throughout our lives.
Amber Wilson attends a workshop with Stacey Demarco and Jade-Sky – two of Australia’s best-known spiritualists – and discovers how we can connect with those who guide us through life’s challenges.
Feeling stressed, sore or fatigued? Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses gentle, non-invasive touch to channel healing energy into the recipient.
Alice Algie explores how we can use this holistic technique to soothe the mind, body and spirit.
Energise body, mind and spirit with this dynamic standing yoga sequence
Do all the postures on the right side first (ie: right foot facing forward), staying in each posture for about five breaths and moving from posture to posture with the in and out breath. Then do the left side. Always breathe through the nose and only
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