Which play personality are you?

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Play is an enriching and necessary part of life. Unfortunately as adults, most of us have forgotten how to do it, writes David Goding.

Dr Stuart Brown categorises our play preferences 
into eight categories. Which play personality are you?

The joker
Play revolves around practical jokes, nonsense and generally being the class clown.

The kinesthete
Physical movement is the key to play, though not in a particularly 
competitive manner.

The explorer
The lure of the new is big for the explorer – new places, new feelings, new music or a new person.

The competitor
Enjoys competing, and particularly playing to win.

The director
The thrill comes from planning, organising and executing.

The collector
It can be anything, from stamps to cars to experiences.

The artist/creator
It’s all about making things, with the process being just as important as the result.

The storyteller
Loves tapping into the imagination to tell a tale.

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