In a welcome throwback to our collective childhoods, neuroscience is unveiling the potential of colouring-in to reduce stress, foster creativity and enhance the brain’s performance.
But before we rush to the stationery aisle to splurge on pastel crayons, we had to ask ourselves (and the experts): does it really work?
Wisdom from the Dalai Lama
In June 2015, his Holiness the Dalai Lama returned to Australia for the 10th time to share his timeless wisdom. Here, we share some of his valuable insights about jealousy.
Inner happiness, outer beauty
Most people are like out-of-tune musical instruments,” says Swami Kriyananda, yoga and meditation guru and author of Meditation for Starters.
Edo & Jo unite yogis worldwide
When Sydney-based singer-songwriter Jo Mall Kahn attended a Balinese yoga retreat in 2008, she discovered a gem more precious than she could have imagined – her now-husband, Edo Kahn. Upon hearing him chant the ancient Gayatri mantra, her heart exploded.
Rediscover your essence within
As humans, we are forever attempting to be someone other than who we authentically are. We read self-help books to teach us how to connect with our personal truth and yet we continue to strive to be that being outside of ourselves. But why do we endeavour to change the essence within when perfection comes from our own uniqueness? Wellbeing Coach, meditation practitioner and Pilates teacher Olivia Trussell shows us how to be our authentical selves.
Take charge of your own wellbeing
Nat Kringoudis is on a mission to help people de-stress, heal their hormones and live happier and healthier lives, writes Tianna Nadalin.
Today we have a world of choices before us
An increasing number of Australians are turning their backs on organised religion and seeking non-religious spirituality in their lives, writes David Goding.
"I don’t diet. I don’t deprive myself. I enjoy every single moment."
Adele McConnell, the health food advocate, has battled her own body issues as a teenager and throughout her formative years. Now the time has come to share her story, so others can learn to rebuild their self-esteem in just the same way.
Author described as 'next generation thought leader'
Gabrielle Bernstein is an author, motivational speaker and self-love specialist who has inspired thousands of people across the globe to find their bliss.
Tips from yoga instructor Emma Palmer
The modern yoga teacher must be versed in the eastern practices of the tradition along with a new range of knowledge associated with the ever-evolving western world. Emma Palmer reveals what to look for in a respected training course.
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