8 ways to connect with your authentic self

Rediscover your essence within

As humans, we are forever attempting to be someone other than who we authentically are. We read self-help books to teach us how to connect with our personal truth and yet we continue to strive to be that being outside of ourselves. But why do we endeavour to change the essence within when perfection comes from our own uniqueness? Wellbeing Coach, meditation practitioner and Pilates teacher Olivia Trussell shows us how to be our authentical selves.

Society, our peers, upbringing, religion and education can drive us to believe we are not quite good enough. In actual fact, the opposite rings loudly true. Many of us are on a perpetual quest to discover who we are, what we enjoy, our talents, whether they are worth pursuing, and the right decisions to make. In the meantime we feel trapped in a cloudy muddle, completely ignoring our inner desires. But, thankfully, our authentic self is never lost, only hidden.

Here are some ideas to help you rediscover your essence within.

1. Create an affirmation that encourages self-acceptance

For example “I am perfect exactly as I am”. Repeat your affirmation daily and often. The power of your affirmation will leak into your subconscious mind and promote the self-acceptance you had for yourself as a small child.

2. Ask yourself, what did I enjoy as a child?

Singing, dancing, guitar, creating, drama, poetry or carpentry. We each have individual enjoyment lists generated in childhood.

3. Reintroduce one of the above activities into your life.

The possibilities are exciting - you may meet new friends or create an innovative business idea from the base of something you are completely passionate about.

4. Ignore societal views regarding age barriers.

Who says you cannot be a famous violinist? Current neuroscience research demonstrates that our brain is plastic and forever changing, growing and learning - irrelevant of age. Dreams are not just for the young!

5. Say what you think and feel (of course with a splash of diplomacy).

It is not your job to tiptoe around others, making them feel comfortable at the expense of your own needs. By expressing your needs and desires you increase your chances of receiving pleasures that stem from your heart’s yearnings.

6. Allow yourself time for rest and nurture.

There is too much pressure to be amazingly driven and goal oriented. Relaxation takes you to the present space where connection with your inner voice is heard. Goals can be considered only once you have heard your inner voice, as you will be planning with your true desires in mind.

7. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing and compile a list.

Separate your heart’s desires into the following sub-headings: mind, body, spirit and heart. Once you have compiled your list, choose one activity from each and bring it into your life. This will ignite the potential for enhancing life enjoyment while also helping to balance the longings of mind, body and spirit.

8. Make choices based on your own dreams.

For example, many find it desirable to own a home. Perhaps you would prefer to be a resident of the world and rent in different cities. Maybe you would rather own a business and inject your earnings into a creative idea.

9. Be motivated by your soul not by guilt.

We are easily driven off our path through guilt. Guilt is not a good motivator. Guilt is instilled through various means that create a belief system from which we operate in later years. Let us all tame guilt and be free.

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