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In order to evolve our consciousness and enhance our spiritual wellness, we must first turn our attention towards the energy we emit on a daily basis. KRISTINA IOANNOU and DANAE DIMITROPOULOU investigate how shifting our frequency through our thoughts, emotions and practices can raise our vibration.

Did you know that every thought or emotion you’ve ever had has a vibration that can be measured? According to quantum physics, everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including things that are not tangible, such as electricity, sound and even our emotions.

At our core, we are vibrational beings, meaning that our thoughts and feelings have a profound impact on our day-to-day experiences. To understand this better, think back to a time when you felt anger, aggression or animosity, then consider what you might have attracted into your life during that time. Now visualise a moment when you felt joy, appreciation and contentment, and consider how these emotions positively influenced your actions and immediate experiences.

The scientific frequency of different emotions was first studied by Dr David Hawkins, who discovered the energetic scales, which he claimed could measure one’s emotions. He found that people who generally experienced emotions of anger and guilt were calibrating on a frequency of 200, whereas those who experienced love and contentment were vibrating around 500.
When we recognise the power of raising our vibration, we’re able to enhance what we experience internally, which then manifests externally into our daily lives. Spiritual teacher, author and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith says, “You cannot have what you’re not willing to become vibrationally.”

Kirsty Osbourne, clinical hypnotherapist and certified hypnoenergetics practitioner (essentialisthypnotherapy.com), agrees. “What and how we think, what we consume, how active we are, the way we perceive and interact with others, our level of gratitude and our own perception of self all contribute to our vibrational frequency,” she says.
Energy shifts and changes continuously, but the key is to remember that like attracts like. Ultimately, what we radiate out into the universe is what comes back to us.

Through daily consistent steps in shifting to a higher energetic realm, we can change our entire world. Here are a few handy starting points:

Allowing universal life force energy to flow through your mind, body and spirit is a powerful way to self-heal and alter your energetic imprint for the better, says Elise Carr, holistic life coach and reiki master (stellamuse.com).

"In tantra we talk of chi and prana as life force energy. Learning to cultivate and work with these energies can assist in raising your vibration, in pursuit of higher consciousness, awakening and beyond,” says Carr.

“You can bring more chi into your body daily through absorbing sunshine, drinking clean water, eating nourishing foods from the earth, and breath – ideally deep, full belly breaths. The combination of these four work together to raise chi in the body; from nourishing and healing to revitalising and energising.”

Carr also recommends practising regular meditation. “It’s the ideal opportunity to connect to that which is greater, to raise your vibration. Creating the time, space and openness to meditate is the key non-negotiable act of sacred self-care,” she says.

Similarly, spending time in nature in quiet contemplation has been scientifically proven to improve your overall health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – thus raising your overall state of wellbeing or, more fittingly, your vibrational levels.

It is believed that Albert Einstein once said you can match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality – it can be no other way.

“Becoming more aware of your thoughts – everything you think, say or feel – becomes your reality and the more you feed your thoughts, that is, the more energy we give them, the more entrenched this reality becomes,” says Osbourne.

When we’re anxious, the energy field usually feels spiky or jagged and can amount to all kinds of problems in our everyday life. Raising your vibration includes replacing the old thoughts you have about yourself and your life with positive ones.

Sometimes this is tricky, especially if there are unprocessed emotions within. Holistic counselling and energy work can significantly help you unblock inner pathways that are preventing you from attracting high vibe emotions, opportunities, people and outcomes.

“Working with energy and vibration requires us to learn the art of magnetising and radiating – give it to the world, to people around us,” says Carr.

Be conscious of how you are nourishing yourself. “Whatever we put into our bodies carries its own vibration. Processed food, junk food and food contaminated through pesticides, chemicals or plastic packaging vibrate at a low level or not at all,” explains Osbourne.

“Even food that is prepared by someone exhibiting or experiencing low vibrational energy will have an impact on the quality of those meals and low vibrational energy is then passed onto the consumer.”

Being aware of your own mood when preparing meals for yourself and others and consuming high vibrational quality foods such as fresh, organic, natural produce can play an imperative role.

And as all vibration is dependent on movement, the more you move, the better you vibrate and the happier you feel – so get plenty of exercise.

Have you ever spent time around someone or have you ever been in a certain place and realised after leaving that you felt inexplicably down and a little on edge? These are all signs of picking up unwanted energies or ‘bad vibes’. Fortunately, the same kind of transference happens when we spend time with positive, vibrant people and within uplifting communities.
To protect your energy, Rachel Holm, energy healer and founder of Hanako Therapies points to practical tools such as saging, crystal meditations and using palo santo [aromatic wood incense] to cleanse, ground, and shield yourself from the energies that leave you frazzled.

“Incorporate a daily practice of connecting to the peace within you, align with your breath, take an Epsom salt bath and use the mantra ‘I now release anything that does not serve me’ – a powerful intention that will ground and balance your subtle energy body,” says Holm.

Japanese researchers have found that the fragrance of pure essential oils can alter and change your brain waves and this works through inhalation and topical application.

“Each oil has its own vibrational frequency thanks to the energetic imprint of a plant or flower, and this can resonate and help with our own frequency to restore and bring equilibrium back to the body,” says Holm.

“To harness the power of plant medicine, it is best to visualise the energy being released as we apply the herbal essences under the tongue or spritz the flower essences around our bodies.”

Crystals have a unique crystalline structure, which gives them a vibrational integrity supportive for healing.

“Since ancient times, crystals have been used to awaken the cells within our bodies that are vibrating on a low frequency. They engage with them to lift our vibration so that all our cells are vibrating on a similar frequency,” says Holm.

“Place your crystals around the house or somewhere where you can easily reach for them, meditate with them, cleanse their absorbed energies with salt water and recharge them under the moonlight to fully embrace their energetic power.”

Giving without the expectation of receiving in return naturally shifts your perception away from ‘I don’t have enough in life’ to ‘I have more than enough to give or share with others.’ The same goes with approaching everyone we come into contact with in our daily lives with kindness and compassion.

“When we treat others with less than kindness, we lower our overall level of vibration,” says Osbourne.

Creating a gratitude list or journal can shift your vibration away from focusing on what you don’t have to what you do have in abundance.

“Try writing four or five things you are grateful for each day and you will notice a positive shift in vibration,” suggests Osbourne.

Indeed, when you raise your vibration, you are able to connect to the power of intention and self-realisation – the sweet spot where you feel joy and happiness and your dream life becomes a reality. In doing so, you bring more light, love, and consciousness to the planet to encourage positive change and make the world a better place.

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