DIY summer detox cleanse

DIY summer detox cleanse

Kick your health into gear with this easy detox cleanse by Lola Berry.

Summer-time is the perfect time to kick your health into top gear, so what are you waiting for?

It’s warmer, the sun’s shining, and you just feel like being more active and moving your body. So why not nourish it at the same time?
The word detox can be a bit scary, but really, at the end of the day, it’s just about eating real food that’s bright, light and leaves you feeling nourished, refreshed and energised. And you know what? When you start eating super-clean salads, raw nuts and seeds and sustainable sources of protein, it can become less of a detox and more of a way of life.
So rather than looking at this as though it’s some kind of crazy can’t-eat-anything-delicious-for-weeks kind of meal plan, it’s about feeling the best you can, because that’s what I reckon health is all about – feeling awesome. The way I look at it, food is here to nourish you, but also to share with the souls you love.

Citrus burst: Here are a few simple tips and tricks for kick-starting a detox:

First up, try starting the day with lemon juice in warm water (use about half a fresh lemon) then drink this on an empty tummy. This not only helps to alkalise the body and detoxify the liver, but it also helps to increase digestive secretions and aids in the digestion of your next meal, i.e. brekkie!

Networth: Sipping on nettle tea is another great one for helping to detox the body. It works on the kidneys and liver but with the kidneys it helps the body to drop any excess fluid.  

Clean machine: Stick to eating foods that are as close to nature as possible with minimal human interaction. I mean you just want real food here. That’s what the body thrives on, so pull the refined packet stuff out and up the real-food goodness.

Caffeine cleanse: If you drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks, try to slowly reduce your intake. Aim for one to two cups of coffee max per day.

Fruit flush: Swap soft drinks for your own fresh, homemade juices. When you make your own, you know how much greens and goodness go in, so always try to whip up your own where possible. It might be worth investing in a good-quality greens powder, too.

Get active: Move your body. This will aid any kind of a detox and also lift your mood. The trick is finding something you love; for me that’s yoga or running or hiking out in nature. If you find it hard to commit, do it with a mate or a bunch of mates. At the end of the day, moving your body aids the organs of elimination and will help your body and your mind, so find something that works for you. 

Sugar stream: Skip refined white sugar and try replacing it with natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, dates or Stevia. Bananas are also a great way to sweeten baked goods or smoothies. 

Written by: Lola Berry 

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