Nourishing wholefoods, health and wellness with Taline Gabrielian

Exploring her commitment to health and wellbeing.

A passion for food, health and wellness is what inspired TALINE GABRIELIAN to launch her website and successful recipe app, Hippie Lane. Seven years on, she’s still committed to spreading her love for nourishing wholefoods. She chats to DANAE DIMITROPOULOU about healing through food and why she’d describe herself as a flexitarian.

When did you develop a passion for health and wellness?
I was faced with my own path to healing approximately seven years ago, when I learnt that I was sensitive to some everyday ingredients: gluten, egg, dairy, refined sugar and soy. It felt limiting at the time, faced with a long list of no-nos, but once I got into experimenting with alternatives, I fell in love with the process.
I became really serious about health, food, nutrition and wellness. Being a massive foodie and obsessed with sweet treats, I began making alternative treats using nuts, seeds, dates and a variety of superfoods. I fell in love with the creative process of coming up with unique recipes and I was over the moon that I could indulge in healthy treats without compromising my healing.

Why did you turn your attention towards creating nourishing meals?
After learning that my food choices were affecting my gut and overall health, I knew I had to make a change. I wanted to feel and look my best, and I was motivated to find healthier options. I experimented with wholefoods that were natural, unprocessed and bursting with health benefits. I began making simple switches, like replacing rice with quinoa and flour for buckwheat, and was blown away. I wasn’t missing out on anything; in fact, I gained a newfound appreciation for health and nourishing food and I’ve never looked back.

When was Hippie Lane born?
I knew there were others who had food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances, and others who are on the hunt for healthy options. I felt that I had truly stumbled across something amazing and I wanted to share my passion and recipe creations with the world, so I began supplying my treats to cafés around town [Sydney]. They were received very warmly and the business grew organically from there. I had grown a strong following in the health community and the demand for my recipes spurred on the development of the Hippie Lane recipe app in 2015. Two years on and I’ve just launched my own cookbook.

What inspired you to write Hippie Lane: The Cookbook?
My followers! I’ve had such a supportive following of health-minded foodies who have led the way for me. With a strong demand for more recipes and content, they spurred the development of the Hippie Lane app in 2015, which led to them to demand more.

When publishers approached me, I was ready to pursue the dream of publishing my first cookbook. To be in a position to inspire people around the world to choose healthy is such an honour and a privilege. I take it seriously and I’ve invested much of the year last year to developing Hippie Lane: The Cookbook and I couldn’t be more proud of it.
When planning the recipes, flavour and practicality was my priority, so I hope that the recipes fit perfectly into your life and become staples for you. The recipes will get you excited to get messy in the kitchen, and give you the confidence to get serious about health.

What’s your philosophy on food?
I like to eat a mainly plant-based diet, mostly organic and preferably locally sourced [foods]. I like to emphasise eating more fresh foods, less packaged and refined foods, and being easy on yourself. In a society where looks, outer beauty and diets of deprivation have been the focus, I’d like to take a step back and instead view food as nourishment, to eat in abundance and to enjoy food without any guilt or restrictions.

You don’t classify yourself as vegan, vegetarian or raw food eater, but would you describe yourself as a ‘flexitarian’?
Great word to describe it – yes! I am not vegan, vegetarian or strictly anything. I eat majority plant-based: lots of fruit, veg and natural organic wholefoods, but not strictly. I think we have an evolving relationship with food and we eat according to our personal and changing needs. My belief is that when we restrict our food choices with rigid labels, we lose the joy of food and eating for pleasure.

What’s the key to living a healthy, balanced and enjoyable lifestyle?
Eat fresh and in moderation, work towards your goals, indulge in your hobbies, spend quality time with loved ones, be kind to yourself and find happiness in simplicity.

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