Mindful in May 2017: your chance to take part in a global mindfulness challenge

The game-changing mindfulness movement transforming lives around the world.

In a world where we can be constantly overcommitted, overstimulated and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to take the time to look after ourselves, let alone putting the needs of others first.

Enter Mindful in May. Brainchild of Australian psychiatric and mindfulness meditation expert, Dr Elise Bialylew, this global movement teaches participants how to find calm and clarity through ten minutes of mindfulness meditation each day, and raise money to improve access to clean drinking water in developing countries. 

Much like those within the wellness community, meditation plays a huge role in people lives. For Dr Bialylew, although she knew meditation was so valuable, this movement was created to combine two global issues.

“Although I knew meditation was so valuable, like many people it was not uncommon for me to fall out of the routine especially at times of high stress, when I actually needed it the most,” says Dr Bialylew.

“I imagined that there were many other people who could relate to that experience and I wanted to create a supportive community that could come together to learn something valuable for themselves and at the same time contribute to a greater cause through fundraising.”

Changing lives one at time, Dr Bialylew is a primary example of how mindfulness and awareness can transform one from within.

“Meditation has taught me to be with life one breath at a time. So I’ll keep breathing and working and hopefully by 2020 we will have transformed lives and spread the mindfulness ripple far and wide,” she says

“The mission of Mindful in May is to teach 1 million people the skills of mindfulness and raise 20 million dollars by 2020 which will transform the lives of 600,000 people living without access to life’s most basic need - clean, safe, drinking water.”

Want to get involved?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Register at here for the ten-minute-a-day one month meditation challenge before May 1st (registration fee to provide access to the online program)

Step 2: Contribute to the cause by donating and get sponsored by friends and family to keep you accountable to the daily 10-minute meditation challenge

Step 3: Receive a meditation program delivered daily to your inbox starting May 1st

Step 4: Make a positive impact in the world and create more focus, clarity and calm for yourself.

Some tips to get your started:

1. Start small and build the habit up gradually

2. Use guided meditations to help you learn what to do

3. Register for Mindful in May or if you missed it join Dr Bialylew's online 6-week mindfulness program

4. The power of presence know that mindfulness meditation is not about stopping your thoughts but rather noticing what’s happening with greater awareness so that you ultimately have more control over how you relate to your thoughts.

For more information visit the official Mindful in May website.

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