The intricacies of the job - on and off the mat
While embarking on a career as a yoga teacher is a yearning that lies in the heart of many yogis, mastering the practice is just the first step. EMMA PALMER reveals why it’s imperative to understand the intricacies of the job – both on and off the mat.
Top tips to help you think clearly.
Are you struggling to get to sleep, feeling stressed and turning to unhealthy activities to take your mind off things? Read on to discover top five tips for mental wellness.
Essential oils for relaxation.
“The practice of aromatherapy fits into the context of complementary health care as a whole,” says Pat Princi-Jones, aromatherapy expert and educator at In Essence and Oil Garden Aromatherapy, so here we take a look at 10 essential oils and their purpose.
Discover her journey to wellness.
After attending her first yoga class, Ashley Galvin immediately knew that she had found her calling. Seven years on, she’s travelling the world and spreading the word about the yogi lifestyle. We chatted with the Californian-based beauty about balance, honouring yourself and living with an open heart.
The game-changing mindfulness movement transforming lives around the world.
In a world where we can be constantly overcommitted, overstimulated and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to take the time to look after ourselves, let alone putting the needs of others first.
It's not all about what we eat.
The principles for living a healthy life don’t just centre around what we consume. Here, we take a look at Sepel's tips to living a healthy life.
Discover where the concept of mindfulness lies.
Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword of late.
4 ways to make mindfulness part of your every day life.
Whether you're taking part in 'Mindful in May' or you're interested in exploring the practice, Australian psychiatric and mindfulness meditation expert, Dr Elise Bialylew shows us how to practice mindfulness daily.
How she came to loving her body.
ANH chats with the best-selling author, mum of three and flimmaker about her transition from a body loather to a body lover, and the making of her new film, Embrace.
How he maintains health and wellbeing.
Maddie Lakos talks to award-winning Australian artist Xavier Rudd about music, spirituality and feeling the earth beneath your feet.
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