Discover how she found her way to wellness.
Former TV advertising producer Lauren Pell swapped the screen for the stage after she launched her luxe wellness event business, Colour & Coconuts. These days, Pell is passionate about connecting likeminded individuals with the ultimate goal of helping them lead healthier, happier lives.
Learn about what's happening on the inside.
From rosacea to psoriasis, there are a range of skin conditions and ailments women experience. Here, Dr Libby Weaver shows us how to tune into what's happening on the inside.
The wellness events not to be missed!
The Art Series Hotel Group has teamed up with Australian Natural Health expert, Jessica Sepel to bring you a series of wellness events around the country.
A day at the spa is just what the doctors ordered.
If an interstate retreat is off the cards, a trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs is all you need and with the launch of the Wellness Calendar, there’s even more reason to venture off and reconnect with nature. Online editor, Christine Assirvaden, did the groundwork and discovered a day at the spa should be considered part of a regular, healthy routine.
How to look and feel your best.
Want to look and feel your best this new year? Here are five tips to take note of.
Five minutes with our February - March 2017 cover model
Bianca Cheah is recognised as one of Australian's leading wellness influencers, here she shares her personal mantra, favourite yoga poses and how she stays centred.
The intricacies of the job - on and off the mat
While embarking on a career as a yoga teacher is a yearning that lies in the heart of many yogis, mastering the practice is just the first step. EMMA PALMER reveals why it’s imperative to understand the intricacies of the job – both on and off the mat.
Top five tips for successful blogging.
Blogging might seem like a dreamy occupation, especially if you’re unhappy in your current role. But as any competent blogger will tell you, it’s a long, hard road requiring courage and commitment. KATE TOHOLKA shares five tips for successful blogging.
Strategies to cope with your 9-to-5 job woes.
So you've figured out your dream job and you know it will take time, so you have to make a living during this time. KATE TOHOLKA shares 4 ways to thrive and survive in your current job.
Do you want to improve your health, the planet and save money all at the same time?
It’s time to consider these three things every eco-friendly soul needs in their home. Chantelle Francis writes.
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