Meditation on the go

Alex Mellas finds a way to ease the tension, with this quick and convenient walking meditation.

Life can be chaotic and the constant hustle-and-bustle can weigh you down, piling stress and anxiety on your shoulders.

The meditative practice of relaxing your body and clearing your mind has existed for centuries. Meditation allows feelings of bliss and joy while flushing out the negatives like nerves, agitation and anger.
Taking time away from a busy schedule to meditate can be daunting, especially when it will conflict with exercise, family time and relaxation. Walking meditation is a working alternative to the classic sitting meditation that allows you to calm your mind while keeping your body moving. Like tai chi, walking meditation is about focusing your mind on how your body moves through the environment instead of the clearing of thoughts completely – which, some of us find hard to do.
Get away from the desk during your lunch break and take a walk around the block. While you’re walking begin focusing on the patterns of your breathing.
Start timing your steps with the rhythm of your breathing, three steps in, three steps out. Your breath becomes an anchor for stabilising your concentration.
Keep an eye on your surroundings, and consider for a moment how each sight, sound or sensation affects you before moving on to the next. Consider how your feet and legs feel as they move.
Don’t force away distracting thoughts, notice them and move on. If you try too hard to keep your mind empty, you will likely lose your meditative state.
Learning to meditate on the go will help you deal with stressful situations. When work becomes too challenging or there is too much to do at home, try achieving your meditative zone while tackling these challenges.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Lowers oxygen consumption
  • Walking meditation builds physical strength and stamina
  • A quick session can calm and energise
  • Increases your blood flow and slows your heart rate
  • Aids chronic diseases, including allergies
  • Subdues aggression (and road rage)
  • Improves relationships
  • Boosts your self confidence

Get the most from meditation

  • Meditate regularly
  • Decide beforehand how long you want to meditate
  • Consciously relax your body before beginning
  • Don't have any expectations, just let it happen


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