Lincoln Lewis on his transformative organic journey

Lincoln Lewis on his transformative organic journey

Popular actor Lincoln Lewis is fighting fit thanks to a complete overhaul of his personal health

Popular actor Lincoln Lewis is fighting fit thanks to a complete overhaul of his personal health and fitness routine, and says embracing organic produce and products has been a major part of his new found well-being.


The 32-year-old, who is this year’s ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness Month in September, reveals more about the ups and downs of his health transformation.

Tell us where your life was at 18 months ago?

Basically, I was in a bad place. Back then I was struggling to get out of bed due to a bout of depression. It was really tough, I could barely make eye contact with anyone. At my lowest point I woke up one morning and thought, ‘Why did I have to wake up? I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow.’ 

How did you start to turn things around?

At the start of June last year I took part in a three-month health challenge which helped me turn a corner. I started working with a nutritionist and working out with a personal trainer. I ended up losing 12kg over the three months. I’ve now maintained my weight loss at around 80kg. I also started turning to others more for help. Sometimes I’d ring a mate and just say, ‘I just want you to talk to me about anything and I’ll listen’. Then I’d start opening up a little about how I was feeling. That really helped. Eventually the depression lifted.

Why are organics now part of your life?

As I started to mend my relationship with food I began thinking about my grocery choices more carefully. Eating organic vegetables and meat which don’t contain pesticides or synthetic chemicals just tastes so much better. Because of that I actually crave healthy stuff now and want to eat more of it! Mentally it also gives me a boost knowing I’m doing the best thing possible for myself and the planet. You don’t get that guilty feeling after you eat something bad – it’s the opposite, it just makes you feel great.

What is your diet and fitness plan like now compared to 18 months ago?

It’s like night and day! Previously I was eating the worst things – tons of chocolate, ice cream, chips and cookies. I was chasing any sugar high I could get which would then just send me crashing down again. I wasn’t doing any exercise. I was just hobbling from my couch to the pantry. Nowadays I eat proper, home cooked meals with fresh organic vegetables and protein. I work out in the gym six days a week and run 10km every night. Whilst I run I try to go into like a meditative state and clear my thoughts. It’s made a world of difference to how I feel.

Aside from the feelings of well-being, why else are you interested in organic products?

I’m a passionate advocate for environmental causes and animal welfare, so I want to consume things that are produced sustainably. As part of AOAM, I travelled to various organic producers around Queensland to learn more. I was so impressed by their care and commitment to uphold organic standards. Organic production is much more complex than conventionally produced products which was a big eye opener. I think that makes me appreciate even more all the hurdles organic producers have had to jump over to ensure what we are eating is as natural and healthy as it can possibly be.

What should consumers be aware of when buying organic products? 

Many companies claim their products are organic when they’re not as they haven’t been officially certified. People always need to look for the official certified Bud logo on the labels. That way you know the standard has been met and you can be assured what you’re consuming or using is of the highest possible standard.

Have you found the social isolation challenges of COVID-19 tough this year?

Look as far as acting projects go, it’s made things uncertain – but actors are used to uncertainty! I’ve tried to use the extra down time to count my blessings, slow down and get into my hobbies such as bee keeping. As a result, it hasn’t been too bad, but I’m ready now to get back into more productions when they resume.


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