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During pregnancy there is an increased focus on foods to avoid – these are foods that have the potential to be dangerous to your baby’s health. There is a lot of confusion about what these foods are and why they are not recommended during pregnancy. Susanna Nelson spoke to dietician Natasha Meerding to put an end to the confusion about what foods we can't eat while pregnant
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In a world where we’re all time-poor, maintaining a kitchen that’s healthy, green and ‘alive’ can seem like an impossible dream. But according to Rosie Percival, Melbourne co-author of Martha Goes Green: a vegetarian cookbook, going green in the kitchen isn’t as tricky as we might think
If experts agree on anything, fitness is key and kgs on the scales are less important than body fat around the tummy.
The prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australia is increasing. Recent studies estimate that more than half of all Australian women (52 per cent) and two-thirds of men (67 per cent) are overweight or obese. That is, almost 60 per cent of the adult population in Australia is overweight or obese
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