Dietitian Kaye Haslam from Diets on Wheels offers her expert opinion
While everyone’s idea of what constitutes ‘regular’ visits to the toilet are quite different, a diet high in fibre should see you in the healthily regular range.
Linda Smith shows you how to let go and recharge, leaving you refreshed and ready for Monday.
After a stressful week at work it can be hard to switch off when the weekend rolls around. Here are 18 instant stress busters to help you unwind.
Looking for a way of eating that will keep you feeling fuller for longer, reduce cravings and satisfy all of your nutritional needs? Look no further...
We’ve all heard that protein is important for a slim and healthy body. But high protein diets often lack fibre, and ample fibre is one thing a healthy body really can’t live without. Combine the two, and you’ve got a dynamite equation that will see you galloping through your day, as well as shedding unwanted kilos.
Mastering the mind is the true aim of yoga, despite what you may have gleaned from some of the modern world’s focus on bulletproof bodies and legs that can stretch behind one’s head.
Once upon a time, many centuries ago, there lived a man named Patanjali – a man who is considered the godfather of yoga. Many stories about him have taken on mythical and magical qualities to the point where he could almost be considered a deity. One story says he fell from heaven in the form of a snake into the upturned palms of his powerful yogini and goddess mother. But despite his legendary, saint-like status, we don’t really know much about this incredible historical figure.
Australia has one of the highest food allergy prevalence rates in the world. Liz Nowosad explores the facts of food allergy and intolerance.
It’s estimated that one in three Australians will experience an allergy at some point in their lives, be it very mild or potentially life threatening. In a study conducted by The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, 4.1 million Australians –19.6 per cent of the population – have at least one allergic disease.
Got blurred vision or dry eyes? it may be time to visit the optician
Don’t let common eye conditions hinder the sparkle in your eye. Here are common optical problems to keep your eye on.
Naturopath Kylie Clooney shows us how creating a purposeful life filled with passion can greatly improve your health.
Have you ever noticed how young people tend to have a focus on hobbies, sports, play and dreams, and as we age, for the majority, those things are gradually replaced with being busy and living life based on the necessities of just living?
Meditation teacher Joanne Mensforth Ph.D reveals her top tips
Parenthood is a gift, it’s also a life-changing event – the enormity of which, we never quite understand until we are in it
Ever forget to wash your hands? A new study reveals its findings...
A recent UK study, which examined the hands of almost 400 people, found that 82 per cent were contaminated with bacteria.
Feeling out of sorts? It may be an energetic imbalance in your chakras
Feeling out of sorts could be due to any number of imbalances in the mind or body, but as Diana Timmins explores, it may even be an energetic imbalance in your chakras.
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