Curb your sugar consumption

Learn how to beat the 3pm sugar cravings for good

Charmaine Yabsley has all the right advice for giving sugar the boot.

Research at the Obesity and Diabetes Institute at Monash University, Melbourne, found that sugar cravings could be as strong as the cravings experienced by a cocaine addict for a cocaine hit. If you find yourself reaching for sweet treats when you’re bored at home, stop stocking them. If there’s none in the house, you can’t satisfy that sweet tooth. Instead, opt for a healthy, naturally sweet alternative. Fresh or dried fruit with a small handful of raw nuts is a delicious snack that will satisfy cravings without the huge insulin surge that can so easily lead to overeating.
Pack some protein
Always include a portion of protein with meals and snacks. Combining sweet foods with a stick of cheese, some nuts, or even a glass of milk will help balance sugar levels and prevent an insulin surge. For some, four of five days on a high protein, sugar detox is an effective way to reduce or cut sugar cravings. Book an appointment with a nutritionist or naturopath if you need a little extra help, support and advice.
Boost your happy hormone
Micronutrients like Zinc (found in oysters, pumpkin seeds, milk, cheese, lamb and beef), vitamin C (found in broccoli, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and strawberries) and the B vitamins (found in all whole, unprocessed foods – fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and legumes) are particularly helpful in easing sugar cravings by influencing serotonin production. Equally important are omega-3’s (found in oily fish and flax/linseeds), which are crucial for regulating mood and inflammation — factors that are both associated with cravings.
Happy endings
If you can’t resist dessert, choose one that includes some protein, like custards, meringues or a bowl of berries and cream. You can sweeten homemade deserts with natural sweeteners like ripe bananas, stevia or xylitol instead of sugar. Remember, with a less spiky sugar surge to the brain, you’ll experience a less dramatic crash.
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