Everyday super foods for digestion

3 foods for better digestion you can find in your supermarket

The best supermarket buys for healthy, happy digestion

Digestive problems are a common complaint that many of us put up with. Try adding these every day super foods to your diet and say 'hello' to healthy digestion!

We’re all familiar with the fact that it’s a digestive super food, but which type of yoghurt works best? Yoghurts for healthy digestion include those that are all-natural, contain live bacteria and have little sugar content, such as pot-set, Jalna Natural Yoghurt.

Apple cider vinegar
Adding one or two teaspoons of this natural digestive remedy to half a glass of water ten minutes before a meal aids digestion and stimulates the body’s metabolism.

Brown rice
A bowl a day promotes healthy bowel activity and also contains a host of essential nutrients for the efficient functioning of the digestive system.

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