Vitamin D for healthy bones


Vitamin D for healthy bones

Eating food with a high vitamin D content can help build healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis.

 The main source of vitamin D for Australians and New Zealanders is exposure to sunlight – especially an issue through the winter months.

According to The Medical Journal of Australia, the ‘prevalence of vitamin D deficiency varies, but is acknowledged to be much higher than previously thought. One study found marginal deficiency in 23 per cent of women, and another frank deficiency in 80 per cent of dark-skinned and veiled women.’

This is why an adequate intake of vitamin D in our diet can assist us in the cooler months, in the prevention of osteoporosis and mental illnesses attributed to lack of vitamin D from sunlight.

The largest source of vitamin D in food, comes from oily fish with high omega 3 content (i.e salmon) and fortified foods like tempeh or tofu.

Browse recipes high in vitamin D, like poached salmon and sesame-crusted tofu.

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