Nutrition Republic Adelaide


Nutrition Republic Adelaide

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This vibrant cafe is the answer to your healthy eating prayers.

Nutrition Republic is not just a mystical fantasyland of raw food and clean treats; it is a vibrant café with a focus on flavoursome, nourishing foods and clean dessert indulgences. Sounds like foodie heaven, right? It is!

The breadth of the Nutrition Republic menu is mind‐blowing with a whole page devoted to hot drinks, another to the Adelaide café’s exclusive elixirs, tonics, smoothies and boosters, a third page for green and who wouldn’t get excited by a menu that includes a Tomato, Basil & Zucchini Noodle Salad and gives you the option of super-charging it with probiotic additions such as raw sauerkraut and kim chi? The menu changes on a seasonal basis, so you will never get bored.

Republic began as a sports supplement store before growing demand for wholesome, healthy dining options saw it transition to the organic café, espresso and elixir bar that it is today. Situated in the heart of Adelaide, the family-owned business prides itself on using unprocessed foods that are gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free, and sources locally, seasonally and sustainably where possible.


The coffee, an organic fair trade blend from Adelaide roaster D’Angelo Coffee, is bold – a standard-sized shot at Nutrition Republic is a double ristretto. And if you love that caffeine hit, I’d definitely recommend their 85 per cent Mork cacao hot chocolate or a matcha latte. For those who prefer something a little more milky, why not try their caffeine-free rooibos espresso. All taste, without the heart-starting buzz.

You get the feeling that the family behind Nutrition Republic genuinely wants to look after the health and wellbeing of every person who walks through its doors, and one visit to their website – which is loaded with insightful health‐related blog posts and podcasts – confirms it.

Nutrition Republic also specialises in premium-quality retail products, including organic superfoods, natural protein powders, raw health food snacks, teas and more. It really is a republic of nutrition in Adelaide.

1/100 King William Road Goldwood SA 5034

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