How to create an Instagram-worthy breakfast bowl


How to create an Instagram-worthy breakfast bowl

Creative styling tips.

Step up your breakfast bowl game with these top tips by Caroline Griffiths.

Serving in a bowl is an opportunity to make, with relative ease, something that is not only nutritious and flavourful, but also colourful and beautiful to look at – and to take a snap of for Instagram! There’s something inclusive, personal and comforting about holding a bowl and there is an ease and uncomplicated nature to eating with a spoon. Breakfast bowls give you a chance to add extra nourishment to your morning, where otherwise it may have been a little ho-hum. They are a great replacement for the standard toast with a spread, or bowl of packaged cereal.

Styling your breakfast bowl
Fresh foods are inherently colourful, beautiful and nutritious so it’s not a hard task to make bowl food look gorgeous! If you have variety in ingredients, there will be differences and contrasts in textures, which will add to the visual appeal.

Think about:
• The foundation: base ingredients with substance, such as blended fruit for a smoothie bowl, oats or other grains for a comfort bowl, homemade muesli or granola for a classic bowl.
• The topping: something smooth and silky or creamy, like yoghurt and nut butter plus a bit of something crunchy like nuts and seeds.
• A bit of whimsy: fresh edible flowers, a sprinkling of petals or herb leaves makes anything look better!

Texture is my thing, along with being natural and loose, as opposed to ‘placed’ – let things fall where they will. Mastering a good swirl, dollop and drizzle can certainly add to the presentation of just about any bowl!

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