Inner happiness, outer beauty
Most people are like out-of-tune musical instruments,” says Swami Kriyananda, yoga and meditation guru and author of Meditation for Starters.
Studies have shown that social anxiety and low self-esteem go hand in hand
Clinical psychologist Nada Asceric recommends watching out for negative thoughts as the first step.
Depression in children is on the increase
Anxiety is the most common psychological disorder of childhood, with depression not far behind, says psychologist Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton.
Learn to love yourself
Confidence in your looks in an inside job. Here, Louise Wedgwood shares tips for being healthy, happy and naturally beautiful as you age.
Train yourself to feel more comfortable
Does the thought of public speaking make your blood run cold? How about making small talk at a work function, dating, meeting new people, using public bathrooms, eating in front of others, or working out among the ultra-toned posse at the gym? If not, you’re in the minority. In a series of studies by American psychologist Philip Zimbardo, 40 per cent of people described themselves as chronically shy and most others admitted feeling shy in certain situations. Only five per cent claimed to never feel bashful at all.
There are an abundant of social, neurological and personal benefits that spring from learning and practising a new language.
Love yourself to wellness
Kemi Nekvapil is the raw beauty queen empowering women to nourish themselves, and each other, in order to create rich and meaningful lives. A motivational speaker, wellness coach and author, here she explains why we need to make ourselves a priority this year.
Rediscover your essence within
As humans, we are forever attempting to be someone other than who we authentically are. We read self-help books to teach us how to connect with our personal truth and yet we continue to strive to be that being outside of ourselves. But why do we endeavour to change the essence within when perfection comes from our own uniqueness? Wellbeing Coach, meditation practitioner and Pilates teacher Olivia Trussell shows us how to be our authentical selves.
Take charge of your own wellbeing
Nat Kringoudis is on a mission to help people de-stress, heal their hormones and live happier and healthier lives, writes Tianna Nadalin.
But you need to practise!
Q. What are some simple ways to detox your mind after the stressful Christmas/New Year period?
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