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Take control of your life with health and wellness coaching

When considering that 55% of Australians have tried to lose weight in the past year with only 20% of those achieving success, it’s no surprise we’re looking for specific guidance on how to improve our chances.

Instead of bouncing around from one diet plan to the next, consider using a health or wellness coach who tailors programs to assist you in taking control over your health.

Health and wellbeing coach Sarah Hopkins’ eyes shine brightly and her skin glows, embodying the health philosophies she advises her clients on.

Why is wellness coaching so effective?

“I think the appeal of health coaching has arisen from a sense of disillusionment with more conventional health care,” Hopkins says.

“Many of my clients have spent years looking for solutions to their health issues and are mostly guided towards external symptoms-based protocols rather than looking at root causes.”

If the overwhelming and often contradictory health information leaves you feeling confused and exhausted, a health and wellness coach is able to tailor this specifically to your needs and issues.

Hopkins’ most popular program runs for 12 weeks, with clients achieving great success through weekly meetings.

“My most successful clients are those who are truly committed to achieving their health goals,” she says.

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Article by Lisa O'Neill

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