6 steps to your soul mate

How to meet and keep the love of your life

Can you look in the mirror and say, “you’re the love of my life?” Can you show yourself love with healthy choices? Self-love is the soil of the soul mate as love takes the seed in. Feeling love for ourselves, we can then feel love from others. Believing we’re lovable, we let love in. Feeling unlovable, a soul mate’s love dies in our soil of disbelief – self-doubt destroying it.

A relationship reflects what we believe about ourselves. Our soul mate is a mirror of what we feel we deserve. We can only be comfortable with another when we’re comfortable with ourselves. It’s vital to forge a strong inner relationship before building a solid outer relationship. When centred, you’re less likely to get thrown off balance by a relationship. A partner is a wonderful complement to your complete and content state. Being vibrant is a powerful soul mate magnet. Emit self-love so your soul mate responds to your open hearted vibration.

Grow self-love by:
- Listing your positive qualities and attributes. Recite when relaxed, daily.
- Interrupt negative self-talk with a positive counter phrase.
- Love yourself with healthy eating, exercise, rest, recreation and relationships.
- Enhance your appearance with flattering hair, skincare, makeup and fashion.
- Practice a self-love meditation daily (see hearandheal.com).
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Clear love weeds

Once your self-love’s soil is rich, it’s time to weed beliefs that starve love from flourishing. Looking at past relationships, do you see patterns emerging? Were you too clingy, trusting, uncaring, demanding or idealistic? Write a list of reasons why they didn’t work. Once we’re aware of love blocks, we can remove them and progress on a positive path guided by a wise head and open heart.

Now you’re smarter about what you want, you can plant the mental seed of your future partner. You’re more likely to get what you want if you know what it is. It’s time to make a clear list of the values, character and shared goals your partner will have. Recite these qualities with excitement every day. Keep in mind that your soul mate isn’t perfect, but they’re perfect for you. Relationship expert, Barbara D’Angelis lists the following criteria as essential- commitment to growth, emotional openness, integrity, maturity, responsibility and healthy self-esteem. The clearer the message we send out, the stronger our soul mate’s magnetise to us, while unsuitable suitors are repelled.

Patience and perseverance are vital at this stage. You may be tempted to forget your standards and go for a BTN (Better than nothing) relationship. Keep your mind on the prize. Settling is a shallow victory as Somerset Maugham said, “it’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything less but the best, you very often get it.”
To allow seeds to germinate we must “adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience,” as Emerson observed.

Water with Love

With your love radar sending signals out to your soul mate, you’ll make heart connections with others. Wherever you are, act as if you’re already in love. Having a generous, open spirit towards all is magnetically attractive. Would you approach a person who had their arms crossed, had an aggressive stare, hunched over and a bored voice? Or would you be more likely to speak to the person who was relaxed, smiling and genuinely interested in conversation? Use your glance to express a thousand welcoming words and your body language to create an aura of attraction. Love is a positive force that grows in a positive environment and starves in negativity. To nurture positivity, think of positive role models of happy relationships, read inspiring poetry, make a love-mix CD, do a romantic vision board and feel the flow of love awaken in you.

There are no guaranteed ways to meet your soul mate, but sitting at home alone is definitely not one of them. Go to places and do things that your soul mate would be interested in. Keep busy with enlivening pursuits and encourage friends to introduce you to suitable people. Try to go out on as many dates as possible, increasing your odds of meeting ‘the one’.
In your search for your prince or princess, you will have to kiss some frogs. To make it as painless and as quick as possible, when you realise they don’t meet your needs – break it up. They may meet some of your short-term needs for, say, intimacy, but is that at the expense of attaining your long-range goals? Say ‘adios’, making space for your soul mate waiting in the wings. Remain optimistic, as even though you’re alone, you don’t have to be lonely. Stave off self-pity by evolving from every experience. Avoid becoming obsessively focused on finding your soul mate. See it merely as a bonus to your already happy life. It’s only a matter of time before your seed starts to blossom into a beautiful partnership.

Picking your flower
The heady moments of fresh love can blur our vision with euphoric biochemicals. Is it lust or love that we’re feeling? Fantasy or reality? Once you’ve met a possible partner – pause, breath and stay centred. You are standing at the precipice of the rest of your life. Getting involved with the right person can elevate you to untold ecstasy, but entanglement with the wrong person may drag you down to deep despair. Before handing over the keys to your precious heart and body, you’ve got to check whether they have a valid license to love. That means checking for fatal flaws such as addictions, violence, sexual dysfunction, fear of commitment, dishonesty, infidelity and being controlling. Though a nice sentiment – love doesn’t conquer all – especially these ingrained traits. They should fare well on your soul mate checklist. Compatibility always comes before commitment or copulation. Some people take one sniff of an attractive person’s pheromones and check their brain in at the foot of the partner’s bed. Never get sexually involved before they have at least passed this initial screening. Don’t base your understanding of them only on what they say. Observe how they treat those closest to them and their past partners. Naturally, everyone has some dents; you just have to decide whether you want to live with them without clipping love’s wings too hastily. If everything appears to be lovey-dovey until now, before committing, you should be able to answer YES to these questions:

Love is lovely but the challenge is to make love last. Love is not a solution to life’s problems; it’s a process of transformation and growth. To make anything grow, we must nurture it with positivity. Focus on your relationship’s strengths, potential and shared rich history, rather than inflating its flaws. Never lose sight of the beautiful qualities that brought you together. Stay fun friends. As Nietzche observed, “it is not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

What makes a happy couple?

According to a UK study of 4,000 couples, the secret to a happy marriage is four hugs a day, talking, two cosy nights in, weekly, three romantic gestures monthly and house cleaning, three times monthly.

In a good relationship, we double our own joy. In bad relationships we lose ourselves, becoming dependant on our partner for happiness. It’s essential to keep our own centre by maintaining friends, family and interests apart from our partner. This brings fresh energy to a partnership rather than recirculating the same stuff, and also fills our love tank from many sources. We can continue to work on ourselves rather than focusing on our partner’s issues. At times when we criticise our partner, we’re unfairly comparing them with others, or are externalising frustration within ourselves. Honestly see how you are contributing to the problem and by shifting, you may be able to shift your partner. A happy relationship involves mutual compromise, tolerance, respect and emotional openness. It spurs us to greatness. As psychologist Victor Frankl attributes his survival in Aushwitz to his wife, “love allows us to transcend ourselves, inspires us to become greater than we would be alone and allows us to endure otherwise unimaginable hardships.”

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