Self-love and wellness with Angela Simson

A sneak peek of Angela's journey to holistic health.

We spoke to the mother of two and founder of The Gratitude Project about health, wellness and how to practise self-love on the daily.

How did your journey to towards holistic health begin?

When my husband proposed to me, I started thinking about our future and what it would be like to have children and settle down. [At the time] I was suffering from debilitating migraines that would knock me out for 24 to 48 hours and all I could think was, ‘How on earth do I have a child when I can’t even look after myself?’ You can’t take the day off to sleep off a migraine or deal with the nausea and lack of sight, so what would happen if I was alone with a newborn?

I’d had all the tests possible and been given drugs to stop the migraines, but that just didn’t work, so I realised I needed to look at it from a different angle. I went to a more holistic GP and she put me on a diet that eliminated gluten, dairy, preservatives and processed foods. It was hard but after the initial two weeks had passed, I started to realise how good I was feeling and looking. So I kept it up, realising that eating well and living more holistically wasn’t just going to stop my migraines, but also regulate my moods, clear up my skin and make life feel so much more enjoyable.

What are you thoughts on self-love?

I always say to put yourself first. It seems selfish and I know it’s really difficult for so many women, but it’s necessary if you want to be the best you can be. When you’re at your best, you give more to the people around you and closest to you. 

And on body love?
Look at yourself in the nude and say the words, “I love my tummy, I love my arms, I love my legs”, even if it makes you cry. Get close with your body because so many women ignore it and only put negative focus into it. Try smothering yourself and your body with love and see what happens.

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