Holding on to emotional hurt is bad for your health. Why you should let go of the hurt and forgive a friend that's wronged you.
To avoid the physical pain associated with the betrayal of a friend, you need to learn to let go. Debbie Willimott investigates
Why do we find it so hard to let go - even when we can see and feel the damage the grudge is causing?
Holding on to emotional hurt is bad for your health. Experts claim it can damage all aspects of life, encouraging depression, digestive problems, exacerbating fatigue, lowering immunity and even causing physical pain. Debbie Willimott explores ways to budge the grudge of being cheated on, and devise a plan to make peace and move on for good
Psychologist Dr Mary Casey comes to the rescue
Does your relationship give you confidence? Do mutual trust, respect and admiration stand strong when challenges arise? Can you discuss anything with your partner?
8 signs of a controlling partner
The control freak will go to great lengths to get their own way; they can be manipulative, often intimidating, highly critical, and usually skilled at debate to the point of distorting the truth and, by their very nature, disrespectful.
Has your partner become a controlling, dominant force in your relationship?
There are ways to redistribute the power balance and get back on the same team, discovers David Goding.
Have you ever considered the notion that somewhere out there in the world is that one special person who can ‘complete’ you?
Whether you’re a believer in romantic ideals or an inquisitive sceptic, you’ve more than likely pondered the concept of soul mates
Meditation teacher Joanne Mensforth Ph.D reveals her top tips
Parenthood is a gift, it’s also a life-changing event – the enormity of which, we never quite understand until we are in it
If your libido is low and come bedtime you favour napping over nookie, it might be time to take a look at your lifestyle.
Sexy is an attitude, but sometimes we need to tweak a few physicalitys before we can believe it of ourselves.
Liz Nowosad explores ways to reignite your romance
It takes little time and effort to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Liz Nowosad explores ways to reignite the flame with 8 date ideas:
What draws us to certain people and makes us click? Jennifer Kang explores the relationship laws of attraction.
The relationships we share with others are fickle, transitory things. There are those with whom we don’t share any common interests yet get along with so well and conversely, there are those who are similar in character and personality, yet there are an abundance of awkward silences in small-talk-filled, disjointed conversations.
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