Surround yourself with the following colours and boost your wellbeing
Colour therapists believe the colours we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our mood and wellbeing.
Feeling sluggish? Maybe it's time to reconsider your diet
Eating the right foods can not only boost vitality, it can help you make the most out of your fitness regime. Liz Nowosad discovers 10 ways to increase energy levels and boost your va-va voom!
Reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease with our top tips and advice
High cholesterol levels can have a dramatic effect on your risk of cardiovascular disease. But there’s plenty you can do to address the problem, discovers David Goding.
Simplify your eating habits with Michael Pollan's top tips
While researching his book In Defense of Food, journalist Michael Pollan realised that what we should eat could be simply summarised in seven words: Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much
8 natural ways to ward off insomnia, stress, headaches and hangovers
Linda Smith explores the benefits of essential oils, including ways they can be used to relieve stress and other day-to-day ailments, and discovers why aromatherapy is akin to ‘cooking’ for the soul.
Have you ever considered the notion that somewhere out there in the world is that one special person who can ‘complete’ you?
Whether you’re a believer in romantic ideals or an inquisitive sceptic, you’ve more than likely pondered the concept of soul mates
Stiff neck? Tight shoulders? Chronic back pain? You're not alone.
Andi Lew, chiropractic assistant and co-author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You has the following advice for your desk set up, because she claims that “spending a few moments to make simple ergonomic changes to your work environment will improve your comfort, minimise back, neck and shoulder pain and increase productivity
Resist the over-sized clothes and comfort foods before it's too late
We all love to overindulge during winter – what with the over-sized warm clothes that cover extra kilos, cravings for warm comfort foods and the tendency to remain inactive, it’s common that many of us emerge from winter a little heavier than before.
Linda Smith shows you how to let go and recharge, leaving you refreshed and ready for Monday.
After a stressful week at work it can be hard to switch off when the weekend rolls around. Here are 18 instant stress busters to help you unwind.
Mastering the mind is the true aim of yoga, despite what you may have gleaned from some of the modern world’s focus on bulletproof bodies and legs that can stretch behind one’s head.
Once upon a time, many centuries ago, there lived a man named Patanjali – a man who is considered the godfather of yoga. Many stories about him have taken on mythical and magical qualities to the point where he could almost be considered a deity. One story says he fell from heaven in the form of a snake into the upturned palms of his powerful yogini and goddess mother. But despite his legendary, saint-like status, we don’t really know much about this incredible historical figure.
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