How to avoid winter weight gain

Resist the over-sized clothes and comfort foods before it's too late

We all love to overindulge during winter – what with the over-sized warm clothes that cover extra kilos, cravings for warm comfort foods and the tendency to remain inactive, it’s common that many of us emerge from winter a little heavier than before.

Here are a few ways you can avoid the winter hibernation habits:

  • Avoid clothes that stretch – many of us don’t focus on measurements when it comes to keeping track of our weight, but realise physical changes through the way clothes fit on our bodies. Avoid wearing elastic clothes that make it harder for you to realise weight gain.
  • Add some spice into your diet – well-known for the way it assists with fat-burning, spices used in many Asian-inspired dishes also contain anti-bacterial properties that can help protect the body against winter bugs.
  • Incorporate moderate exercise into your week – it doesn’t rain every day during winter, so there’s no excuse to deprive your body of regular exercise.

You mightn’t be able to play many ideal-for-summer sports, but you can still make the effort to go out for a walk two-to-three times a week. This will ensure you’re keeping up with a moderate but frequent fitness regime that will prevent you from piling on the winter kilos.

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