Restore dietary equilibrium with these decadent detox recipes from luxury Koh Samui wellness resort Kamalaya
Combine banana flowers, green mango, coriander, sesame seeds, beetroot and chilli powder to create a delicious salad alternative
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As the seasons change so too do our eating habits. For delicious food all year round, try this yummy recipe from Janella Purcell’s cookbook, Eating for the Seasons.
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Eating the right foods can not only boost vitality, it can help you make the most out of your fitness regime. Liz Nowosad discovers 10 ways to increase energy levels and boost your va-va voom!
Different colours reflect different nutrients
Variety is key to healthy eating and the easiest way to make sure you have a good mix of fruits and vegetables is to look at the colours.
Fancy cooking up a storm this weekend? Try these spicy prawns drizzled with saffron vinaigrette
Using organic local produce and from-the-garden ingredients couldn’t be more important for Dan Trewartha, head chef at Gaia Retreat & Spa. He shares his these indulgent recipes that incorporate a fresh and balanced approach to cooking.
Reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease with our top tips and advice
High cholesterol levels can have a dramatic effect on your risk of cardiovascular disease. But there’s plenty you can do to address the problem, discovers David Goding.
Want to know the secret to supermarket shopping? Look no further...
While doing your weekly shop at the farmer's market and from local organic producers is the ideal, for many of us, shopping at the supermarket is unavoidable. It can, however, be a nutritional minefield. Rebecca Howden explores the aisles for the best choices
Simplify your eating habits with Michael Pollan's top tips
While researching his book In Defense of Food, journalist Michael Pollan realised that what we should eat could be simply summarised in seven words: Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much
Naturopath Helen Goodwin offers her expert opinion
Is dairy milk good for us? Or, would we better off omitting it from our diets and favouring dairy alternatives for our morning muesli? Naturopath Helen Goodwin investigates
Whether you love your curves or loathe them, body fat can reveal hidden truths about your health
According to biochemist and nutritionist Dr Libby Weaver (, the places we tend to gain body fat first may be indicators as to which body system is in need of some support.
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