Tune into trust to achieve peace of mind and clarify your goals

Kinesiologist and naturopath Cassie Mendoza-Jones chats about clearing old energy, aligning to our purpose and her latest book, It’s All Good.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life before you found the spiritual path…

I’ve always had a strong sense of my own intuition, ever since I was young; however, at the time, I didn’t realise how listening to my intuition would support my career. When I left high school, I went straight into studying communications and PR; however, it never felt like the right fit for me, so I enrolled in a make-up course to satisfy my creative side.
I decided to pursue make-up as my career and deferred from uni. I spent the next couple of years studying make-up in Sydney and Toronto, and then working in the industry. I soon realised that it just wasn’t where I saw myself in five or 10 years. My intuition was speaking up, loud and clear, and I knew it was time for a change. 

When and why did you decide to study naturopathy and kinesiology? What attracted you to these practices?
In my late teens and early 20s, I started becoming really interested in how to eat well and how to naturally support my mood and energy. Like so many girls and women, I’d had a battle with my body image, so learning how to eat well and understand my emotions behind my eating was a huge part of my passion behind my career change.
I had always loved kinesiology and the way it can support you to get really clear on where your blocks are, and balance you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, supporting you to move forward in the most aligned way. As soon as I was able to, I added this healing modality into my practice and it totally transformed my business and the way I work and live.
How do you integrate kinesiology and  business coaching?
I support my clients in reaching their goals with a focus on their energy, building their business in a way that truly serves and supports them.
I believe if you just look at one aspect [of your business] such as your strategy, but you don’t also look at your energy, your mindset, your ability to work towards what you want and allow yourself to receive it, then you’re missing out on such an important side of doing business. That’s when we can end up feeling exhausted, burnt out and resentful.
By combining the energetic alignment work of kinesiology with business alignment coaching – and a side serving of naturopathy and herbal medicine if needed – I support my clients to get clear on their goals, and align their energy and intentions towards success, ease and flow.

Do you have any tips for helping women become clear in their goals and purpose?
Uncovering the goals you want to work towards and getting clear on your purpose come down to an awareness of what helps you feel in alignment – and by extension of that, what helps you feel in flow, on track, validating yourself, and then honouring, and following that.
If you start working towards a goal but it begins to feel rigid, forced, or as if you’re trying too hard to make it happen, then it could be time to course-correct. Letting go of your need to control the outcome, and tune in to what you could work towards that would allow you to feel more aligned and more in flow.
Sometimes, getting clear on your goals, bigger vision and purpose is also about letting go of old goals, and allowing yourself to change your mind.
You talk about entering a state of ‘alignment’. Can you describe what that means?
Being in alignment is about living in a way that serves and supports your highest good, that honours your values and passions, and that guides you to listen to your intuition, your inner wisdom and your higher guidance.
When we’re in alignment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we experience smooth sailing all the time, but when a bump arises, we know we have the inner strength and resilience to survive and thrive through our challenges, to make it around, over or under the obstacles that lie in our path, and to come out more devoted to ourselves.

Tell us a bit about your new book, It’s All Good…
My new book is about surrendering to where you are, picking yourself up again after a failure or after you’ve been through challenging times, integrating the lessons learnt, recalibrating your energy, and moving ahead with a new perspective, and a deeper sense of trust in yourself and the universe.
It’s All Good will help you see your failures and challenges in a new light, release yourself from your past expectations, integrate the lessons learnt, recalibrate and up-level your energy, set new goals and get clear on your dreams and help you find your flow again.

How can we learn to trust in the uncertain?
By letting go of our need to control and attachment to an outcome. Instead, show up for yourself with an open heart and mind, take aligned action to draw what you desire towards you, and allow yourself to receive it – or something better.
Trusting yourself and your future is not something we tick off a list; it’s something we must embody. We can do this by allowing ourselves to be here, now, instead of rushing ahead to meet a future we’re trying to control; accepting ourselves for our past failures and acknowledging the lessons they contained; knowing that we are enough, and always doing our best; and allowing ourselves to let go of our attachment to specific outcomes and trust the flow of our lives.
It’s All Good is published by Hay House, $18.99. cassiemendozajones.com

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