6 ways to achieve your goals

The path to success!

Lisa O'Neill shares her top tips.

 1. Choose goals that matter to you

When you have something amazing to strive towards, life becomes a lot more exciting. Make them big, small or totally out there as long as they’re in line with how you want to see yourself.

2. Create a dream board 

Go crazy with inspirational pictures of what your goal will look like once it becomes a reality, with your goal and mini goals (or stepping stones) clearly written alongside the pictures.

3. Put mini-goals into your calendar

Choose some events to complete, or interim numbers to be achieved, along the way to create motivational spikes in your journey to your big goal.

4. Make time to review your goals

Check in monthly or weekly if possible to review where you’re at in your path to success.

5. Phone a friend – share your goal-setting with someone special and support each other as you strive towards them.

6. Don’t wait 

What are you still reading for? You’ve got a lot of work and fun times to plan

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