The story of Taline Gabrielian: food, family and staying vital.

Health is the new black.

In a world where many measure success by their social media following or how fat their wallets are, the humble Taline Gabrielian is more focused on passion and progress.

Editor Maddie Lakos spoke to her about her food, family and staying vital.

In the beginning

Gabrielian’s love of food, wellness and style started with family. Being of Armenian heritage her childhood was filled with traditional cooking and no shortage of home cooked meals. Her mother instilled the love of fashion, health and beauty but for Gabrielian as time passed she started to think more carefully about a healthy lifestyle.

“For me, in my early twenties, looking and feeling good was a strong motivation. The decision to eat and be healthy felt like a lifestyle choice, not a restrictive diet – and I knew I wanted to live that lifestyle, even if that meant sacrificing the foods that I loved. I just saw it as part of the journey towards wellbeing, and ultimately feeling good from the inside out,” she says.

When trying to fall pregnant with her second child, she became aware that she was intolerant to dairy, wheat, eggs and soy. Although initially frustrated, this soon became another source of inspiration for her journey.

Going social

Having always steered clear of publishing personal information online, it all began with Instagram. Instead of using it as a platform for a personal account of her life, Gabrielian’s raw, vegan desserts were a huge hit. She began contributing to the #droolworthy Instagram frenzy and found that this was having a positive influence on her recipes and posts.

The veganism path

Due to increasing demand Gabrielian was pushed to extend her repertoire to breakfasts, lunches and savoury dishes, while maintaining the vegan label. What sets her apart is her understanding that there’s no prescription designed for everyone and it’s about finding what works for you. Although she identifies with a vegan lifestyle, Gabrielian has some to accept it’s not something she can do at this point in her life.

“We all have varying needs and I think one approach is not right for everybody. You need to eat foods that make you feel your best and, for me, a majority plant-based diet that includes ethical and organic meat works best. I’ve accepted that for now. I’ll definitely give it another go at some stage.”

Read the full cover story about Taline Gabrielian in the April-May 2016 edition of Australian Natural Health Magazine.



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