Natural remedies for dry, wrinkly skin

Janella Purcell comes to the rescue!

Q: I suffer from really dry, wrinkly skin on my elbows and the underside of my feet and heels, more so leading up to the cooler months. Is this a nutritional deficiency or do I just need to moisturise more?

Janella: It could easily be both, so let’s address both. Firstly, as the temperature drops, our skin does tend to dry out from the lack of moisture in the air. You will need to keep it moist in these months by using oil, like coconut or almond, on your skin after you shower. To relieve the symptoms of dryness, we are encouraged to eat foods that nourish and moisten. These are:

  • Organic soy products  – tempeh, miso, soymilk and tofu
  • Vegetables – mushrooms, spinach and locally sourced sea vegetables
  • Fruit – apples, pears and persimmons
  • Nuts – almonds, peanuts and pine nuts
  • Grains – barley and millet
  • Seeds like sesame and hemp seeds
  • Oils – all nuts and seeds, tahini, coconut, avocado, olives and all types of unrefined cooking oil.

Consider getting a pedicure to remove some of the dead skin that has built up on and under your feet, then maintain this at home with a foot spa with warm water and coconut oil, and perhaps a few drops of your favourite essential oil like rose hip, lavender or orange neroli.

Wear only socks made with natural, non-GMO fibres like hemp, bamboo, eucalyptus or organic cotton.

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