How to be more mindful on the daily

4 ways to make mindfulness part of your every day life.

Whether you're taking part in 'Mindful in May' or you're interested in exploring the practice, Australian psychiatric and mindfulness meditation expert, Dr Elise Bialylew shows us how to practice mindfulness daily.

Mindfulness can be practised through meditation but it can also be brought into everyday activities. Here are four ways you can bring mindfulness into your every day life.

Be mindful of your breath
The breath is a powerful indicator of our stress levels. When we are stressed the breath becomes short and shallow and is often located in our chest. When we pay attention to our breath we can help calm it down and bring our whole nervous system back into balance. Take time during the day to tune into your breath. Notice where you feel the breath. Is it in the chest or belly? Take three deep breaths and allow each inhalation and exhalation to be slower and longer than normal. Notice how this changes how you feel.

Be mindful when eating
We can often eat on the go and not only fail to taste the food but also overeat or not chew our food properly. To eat mindfully, decide you are going to make eating your sole focus. Notice the food on your plate, pay attention to colours, shapes and smells. Bring your awareness to the sensation of chewing and the flavours, textures and temperature in your mouth. Notice any urge to eat quickly or swallow your food without chewing it completely. Be aware of your attention getting hijacked from the experience of eating and gently bring it back to the flavour of the food.

Be mindful when drinking tea
Taking a mindful tea break is a powerful way to stop the racing mind and come to the present moment. Make a tea and as you drink it bring your attention fully to the experience by tuning into your senses. Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands, taste the tea with each sip, notice the sounds around you. When you feel your mind wandering, let go of thoughts and come back to the sensation of the warmth of the tea cup in your hands.

Be mindful in supermarket queues
Waiting in lines can often be a frustrating experience as we feel held up in our day. We can use these “waiting” experiences to practice mindfulness. Be mindful in the supermarket queue by tuning in to your body. Sense your feet on the ground and scan the body for any tension that might be present. Let that tension go. Check in with how you are feeling, notice any irritation or impatience in the body and us the breath, see if you can let it go.


How Mindful in May works:

Step 1: Register here for the ten-minute-a-day one month meditation challenge before May 1st (registration fee to provide access to the online program)
Step 2: Contribute to the cause by donating and get sponsored by friends and family to keep you accountable to the daily 10-minute meditation challenge
Step 3: Receive a meditation program delivered daily to your inbox starting May 1st
Step 4: Make a positive impact in the world and create more focus, clarity and calm for yourself.

Read more about Mindful in May here. 


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