How to spot if you have fatigue

Constantly tired? You're not alone!

It impacts millions of Australians at different times, but fatigue is a symptom of many health and lifestyle factors that we need to address.

What is fatigue?

NPS MedicineWise clinical advisor Dr Andrew Boyden says fatigue is an “enduring feeling of tiredness that may not be adequately relieved by rest or sleep”. 

There are a lot of different ways that people might explain a feeling of fatigue, such being tired all the time, constantly exhausted, weak, sluggish or even 'knackered'.

What causes it?

Fatigue could be a symptom associated with lifestyle, social or psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety and poor sleeping patterns.

Is it managable?

Yes. Modifying certain lifestyle factors is the first step in managing fatigue. A health professional will use medical history and physical examination to help determine your reasons and treatment for fatigue.

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