How to get beautiful beach hair

Create your own salt spray!

Want beautiful beach hair? 
Salt spray is the quick and easy way to texture tresses and you can make it at home!

Step 1. 
Fill a spray bottle with one cup of purified or distilled water.

Step 2.
 Place one teaspoon of sea salt in the bottle and shake well to distribute the salt throughout the bottle and dissolve it.

Step 3
. Add half a teaspoon of conditioner to the bottle, which will counteract the drying effect of the salt and keep your hair flexible and soft.

Step 4
. Squeeze in a small dollop of hair gel, around half a teaspoon, to help enhance the mixture’s holding ability. Shake well to combine before each use.

Step 5
. Use the spray on damp hair that you intend to air dry and scrunch.

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