How to find your inner compass

Listen and trust your inner voice

A little focus on your inner world can transform your outer world, says Christina Stevens.

Are you like me? Do you peer into the mirror each morning and study what the rest of the world is about to see? Your lips, the eyes, the nose? What about your energy? The vibrations oozing from you that the world is yet to encounter? Science has been slow to agree that integrating our inner and outer worlds will make our lives more fulfilling – touched, even, by miracles. And yet, you and I are proving it to be true every day.

You have a powerful accomplice right there inside you. It’s been with you from birth. You came into this physical life with all kinds of goals and intentions and as you grew older, they faded into wishes and dreams. Now it’s time to turn them into reality – to manifest that which has been wanting to express itself from the moment you took your first breath.
Working with your inner source, and allowing it to be an active participant in shaping your future, requires a few everyday shifts – to focus, listen, and trust.
1. Focus on you
Meditation, yoga, walking in nature, listening to Beethoven, stirring the spaghetti – any kind of loving focus will help you quiet the chatter in your mind and open you up to you, in the moment. Your soul connection is there, longing to support your life’s purpose, fully able to help you achieve whatever your heart desires. Give it space to speak to you. You can’t control what others may say, but you can control what you hear. Listen to the music, not the noise, and focus your attention on the now moment. Spotlight your awareness and then expand it 360 degrees. Practise focusing within and seeing without, and one day, very quickly, you will hear your soul intention. And you will suddenly be collaborating with your inner world and all its transformative power.

2. Listen to your spirit
Your spirit is yearning to heal you, to bring you to wellness and to the happiness that is your birthright. If you are unwell, recognise that your body is part of an amazing creation – an expression of something greater. Treat yourself holistically. If there is something in your life that is discomforting, something that may even be making you unwell – remove your focus from what is not right with you and inject the opposite feeling into your DNA. Bring a different vibration into your body and change what your body is thinking.
Bring a loving frequency into every living cell in your body and feel the healing begin. And if you can put passion into that feeling of wellness, the healing will be swift and miraculous. Take anything less than love out of your conversations; remove it from the songs you listen to, and you will alter where your mind travels. And as soon as you change that thinking, everything around you will alter.

3. Trust your feelings 
We all tend to get rather emotional about things that mean a lot to us. Feelings and emotions are different. Emotions come charged with a jigsaw puzzle of fears. Feelings are a clear message from you to you. And only you. Some people get goose bumps, others get a charge in their gut, you may even get a headache – whatever it is, recognise your feelings. Listen to their message. Trust their truth. When you sensitise yourself to how they speak to you, they will offer you a new path. Emotions tell you stories. Feelings tell you truth.
Focus on where you want your life to go and hold that focus for as long as you can. Build a bridge to your spirit and listen to its powerful messages.  And finally, trust what you know is true.
Live in the knowledge that you are a uniquely gifted being, living a multidimensional, nonlinear existence. You are all mystics who can choose or not to push away the darkness to reveal what your present consciousness has hidden. We all carry this knowledge. We all know this truth. And it’s the truth that shall set us free.

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