Herbal medicine cabinet

Treatments for headaches, coughs and Athlete's Foot

Natural remedies that you can find in your medicine cabinet.

Athlete’s foot
SOLUTION – According to the Australian Journal of Dermatology, 68% of people who applied tea tree oil to their feet twice a day cured the problem. An alternative is a black tea footbath with a few added drops of thyme oil for extra bug-fighting power.

SOLUTION – Massage a drop of lavender or peppermint oil into each temple. Lavender is an antispasmodic, and the menthol in peppermint helps to relax the nerves.

SOLUTION – Suck on slippery elm lozenges, or try rosehip syrup – an old-fashioned cure that’s loaded with vitamin C. Thyme and marshmallow teas relax the respiratory tract.


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