Green cleaning home recipes

Everyday natural products you can use to clean your home, without hurting the environment

What does it take to clean your home in an eco-friendly way? Tamie Wexler investigates

Sydney-based eco-expert and director of, Karel Boele, believes that more people would be eco-friendly and socially responsible if it was convenient for them. “We just need to put these options in front of them,” he says. When cleaning the home, Karel always tries to be as eco-friendly as possible. We asked him what his essential green cleaning items are.


Essential Green Cleaning Items

  • Vinegar: Cleans, sanitises, cuts through grease and is a mild disinfectant. Eucalyptus oil: antiseptic, medicinal and deodoriser.
  • Borax: insect killer, disinfectant, detergent, bleach and water softener.
  • Sea salt: scourer and disinfectant
  • Lemon juice: a mild acid, can be used to remove stains and clean surfaces.


Green Cleaning Recipes

Surface spray: Try placing 10 drops of lavender oil and some lemon juice in a spray bottle. Top the bottle up with water. Spray and wipe.

Dishwasher powder: Place bicarb soda in the powder dispenser and white vinegar in the rinse aid dispenser.

Toilet cleaner: Sprinkle bicarb soda or borax in the toilet bowl and a few drops of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and lemongrass. Spray with vinegar, scrub and rinse.

Window cleaner: Add half water and half white vinegar to a spray bottle, spray and wipe clean with old newspaper.


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