Getting to know wellness influencer Bianca Cheah

Five minutes with our February - March 2017 cover model

Bianca Cheah is recognised as one of Australian's leading wellness influencers, here she shares her personal mantra, favourite yoga poses and how she stays centred.

I always say, ‘Don’t sweat the small things in life’ and ‘Go after your dreams and passions’. My mum always drummed the latter into me, [and if you follow that mantra] you’ll never work a day in your life doing something that you love.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is… Don’t overthink. Often the answer is right there in front of you. Just open your eyes and be present.

In down dog, I feel like I am grounding to the earth and since I’m travelling so much, I feel like I’m not rooted to the one spot [so that helps],” she says. “In up dog, I feel like I’m opening my heart and shoulders up to give more love to my friends and the world.”

One thing all women should hear is… Listen and learn.
My ultimate indulgence is… Sour squirms.
My meditation style is… In the shower.
To stay centred I… Practise yoga.
Life is… Living.

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