Fertility boosting foods & supplements

Janella Purcell answers your questions about fertility.

Q: I’m 34 and I’m thinking of having a child in the next year. Is there anything I should be eating or taking that can help with my fertility and ability to fall pregnant?

Folate with B12

You’ll need to be taking folate with B12 a few months before conception. If you have a fairly healthy diet then you wont need a pregnancy supplement, just the folate, and a practitioner-only brand is best.


Zinc is really important when trying to conceive, so eat pepitas, alfalfa, whole grains, oysters, pecans and mushrooms, or you (and your partner) can take a supplement. Again, practitioner-only and liquid is best.

Uterine tonics

If your cycle isn’t regular, consider taking the herb chaste tree to get it on track, and there are some beautiful uterine tonics that help with conception also. Lady’s mantle, raspberry leaf and dong quai is specific for the female reproductive system, and ginger, turmeric and cinnamon are wonderful also. You could regularly add them into your diet or have them put into a herbal formula.

What to avoid

Avoid processed junk food that is filled with ingredients you definitely want to be avoiding – trans-fats, refined sugar and wheat, artificial colours, preservatives and other things that extend the shelf life of the product. Also avoid any GMO foods like soy, corn and canola.

Reduce stress! This is the most important thing to consider.

- Janella Purcell

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