Boost your digestion

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, healthy digestion is the key to optimal health.

Here are simple and practical ways to help keep your stomach at its digestive best:

  • Snack on prunes: Packed with dietary fibre, prunes are good for digestive health and comfort, and aid in relieving symptoms of pesky constipation, which, according to the Gut Foundation, affects almost one in six people over the age of 30 at some stage in their life. Prunes are also among the richest sources of antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals and prevent premature ageing. Enjoy them as a mid-morning snack or in a juice.
  • Munch on strawberries: Researchers have found that eating strawberries can minimise damage to the stomach’s mucous membrane caused by drinking alcohol, helping to slow down the formation of ulcers. Those who take medications may also benefit from eating strawberries as some medicines have the same effect on the stomach as alcohol-drinking.
  • Indulge in yoghurt: With its health reputation relying on the presence of digestion-aiding live bacteria in each tub, yoghurt improves digestive comfort and can help relieve bloating.

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