Dr Libby's top tips for managing inflammation

Tune into your body.

If you suffer from inflammation, Dr Libby's tips can help you pinpoint the triggers and eliminate the causes.

Here are her top tips:

1. The first thing is to get to the heart of any inflammatory process in the body, so what’s driving it? Is it something related to your gut given that 80 per cent of your immune system actually lines the gut? Is it something you’re consuming, whether it’s highly processed or a food that you can’t digest properly? Do you need to omit it from your diet from a trial period of, say, four weeks? That’s always where I would start.

2. Then I’d bring inanti-inflammatory substances, such as omega-3 fats and herbs and spices such as turmeric. A high-plant diet has also been show to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, so I’d likely encourage a person to double the amount of veg they currently eat.

3. Stress also leads to inflammation – adrenaline by it’s very nature is highly inflammatory and we can be making this 24/7, especially with the influence of caffeine and the sense of urgency and immediacy we now live with. We then have to make cortisol because it’s an anti-inflammatory, and that has a massive flow-on effect to immune function, blood sugar regulation, body fat storage, the list goes on. Decreasing adrenaline is huge in stopping an inflammatory response.

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