Ancient Chinese beauty secrets

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Many active ingredients in our modern beauty products are plant-based ingredients or treatment regimes that have been passed on throughout the ages and proven themselves over and over again.

Dr Nat Kringoudis shares some of her favourite traditional Chinese beauty secrets.

Facial acupuncture

What is it? The use of small dermal needles carefully placed in specific acupuncture points, mostly on and around the face and neck.

How does it work? It’s widely accepted that acupuncture has an abundance of health benefits, including increased blood and nutrient supply to chosen regions of the body. For facial acupuncture, the aim is utilising very small needles, especially in heavily creased or wrinkled areas, to increase nutrient supply, therefore maximising collagen, qi and blood.

The result: Glowing skin! Facial acupuncture can treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Jade roller

What is it? A dermal roller that looks a little like a small steamroller but for your face, minus the steam and the roadmen!

How does it work? The jade roller stimulates the skin as it massages over the face and is useful for lymphatic drainage. Jade is known for its cooling effects, and ability to close pores and tone the skin.

The result: Improves overall skin tone and appearance, reduces puffiness and saggy skin and helps close large pores.
Where can I get it? Jade rollers can be easily purchased online.

Gou Qi Zi or Wolfberry Fruit

What is it?
The humble goji berry has made its way into the wholefood diet over recent years. With its amazing therapeutic properties, it isn’t any wonder; the Chinese have been tapping into it for centuries.

How does it work? Gou qi zi (Chinese for goji berry) has long been used to treat the skin in traditional Chinese medicine. For TCM practitioners like myself, it’s utilised to nourish and restore the liver, kidneys and tonify the blood. Research tells us it is very high in antioxidants including vitamin C and beta-carotene. Because of these benefits, it’s useful in treating the signs of ageing caused by pollutants and toxins. As we also know, beauty isn’t just skin deep, and goji berries are excellent for strengthening the immune system and releasing toxins from the skin.

The result: Clearer, nourished skin. Gojis are excellent for treating dry skin and in the repair of damaged skin from sun damage.

Rice Congee

What is it? A porridge-like dish prepared to strengthen the internals – specifically the spleen and lung (from a TCM viewpoint, the spleen and stomach are the foundation – likened to the gut). By utilising food as medicine, congee is both nourishing and tonifying as it supports both the spleen and lung. You may recognise the connection between the lung and skin – many people with asthma also have eczema. Chinese medicine asserts the lungs govern and control the skin.

How does it work? TCM believes that the texture and elasticity of the skin can be improved internally by nourishing these organs and improving circulation.
Rice congee is simply made by combining rice, red dates and water and cooking until porridge forms.

The result: Improved digestion, which flows on to better circulation and hydration. The skin is more nourished, leading to less dullness, age spots and dryness. This even extends to hair loss and poor nails.

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