The age of eyebrow threading

If you haven't tried threading, here's why it's time to start.

Say hello to perfectly sculpted eyebrows and good bye to brow fuzz.

The ancient art of threading is becoming an increasingly popular method of removing pesky facial fuzz and sculpting brows. Not only is it great for sensitive skin, it also uses no waxes, lotions or chemicals – just a single piece of thread.

“Threading starts with a simple cotton thread, ends held together on each hand and twisted in the middle a number of times,” says Mini Sarkissian founder of Ottoman3.

“Part of one loop and the twist is then placed on the skin against the direction that the hair is growing, in a straight line; the hand at the opposite end then expands to the other loop, which moves the twist along the brow, removing the hair as it goes. The thread simply plucks the hair without damaging the skin.”

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